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About Equilibrium

EquilibriuM is a new guild founded right after "Apocalypse War“ about 1 month ago by some former members of daddyguild. After just one month we were able to reach the Top 50 in the Worldship Shattered Guild War and ranked #48 and have beaten some bigger guys thx to an awesome teamspirit!

With members from all over the world we show that diversity rocks!

So EquilibriuM wants to prove itself in the upcoming GWs and aim for the Top 25 in the near future We want to grow even bigger and better and therefore we need your help.

If you have a competative deck and are ready to beat some asses, EquilibriuM is the way to go.

We dont care too much about BR but activity and gaunlet score (at least 650).

We use palringo as our main communication app so isnt neccessary to be in.

What we offer:

- Weekly BR, gaunlet, deck-updates
- Help almost 24/7 (Sims etc.)
- Nice and talkative community
- Member of the Week honor patch

What we want from you:

- Activity 
- Gaunlet score > 650
- Participation in GWs
- Following GW-strategy
- Palringo for communication


- We are a democracy, no monarchy
- We do love Loyalty though
- We dont care about BR, we care about decks
- Fun is first priority
- We love cats AND dogs

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